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There are today around 2.5 million children diagnosed with ADHD in America. The majority of them take stimulant drugs like methylphenidate Ritalin, adder all, and methamphetamine to deal with the disorder. Although deaths due to stimulant ADHD medications are rare occurrences, the connection is still cause of concern. A study published in the American journal of the June 15 web edition of psychiatry revealed that children and teenagers who take stimulant medication for ADHD are likely to experience death. The reports of sudden deaths because of those drugs emerged in the mid-1980s, but they were too few to be worthy of scrutiny. Researchers found out that these stimulants cause issues that lead after usage.

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Even though the us food and drug administration indicates that doctors should not prescribe these drugs to children with problems or a family history of cardiac disorders, the prevalence of sudden death because of ADHD medication still has to be assessed. Where Madelyn this is Gould of her colleagues and Columbia University/New York state psychiatric institution resigned in. The analysis included comparing mortality data from 1985 and digging up until 1996 of adolescents and children who take stimulant drugs. The researchers discovered that of the 564 deaths, only 10 had causes. When these 10 kids were compared to controls the probability of death that is sudden are 7 times higher.

Although the fad asserts the findings of the study are not definitive and should not be used to change the current practice of prescribing stimulant medication that, would not it be better to use a therapy that is holistic with zero mortality rate. They do occur although sudden deaths because of stimulant drugs are rare. Enjoy the benefits of those drugs make the risk worthwhile, 17, and it is not. Studies reveal that natural adhd medication loses their efficacy. Even if kids do not die from taking stimulant drugs, these drugs cause brain damage and other side effects that are short-term such as appetite reduction, which will aggravate the symptoms and sleep issues. There is no denying that stimulant drugs have helped some kids overcome the symptoms of ADHD. But for consider treatment options that provide no side effects and benefits.